This site will provide a comprehensive written explanation of  Balanced Meals. Click on the links above to access each topic about balanced meals.  Other topics to be covered here are nutritional risks of medication consumption.

In the near future this site will link to accredited continuing medical education CME and accredited continuing pharmacy education ACPE. 

 The  compiler and editor Rivka Freeman a New York State Registered Pharmacist with training and continuing education in clinical nutrition.  The information provided here is a public service of COPP A LIFE CORP a 501 C(3) non profit corporation. 

The missions of  COPP A LIFE CORP :

  1. To educate health professionals and the public about balanced meals as a means of managing and controlling obesity and diabetes in children and adults.
  2. To enable health professionals and the public to recognize nutritional adverse effects of medications and to identify medications that impair or inhibit oral and gastrointestinal absorption of nutrients.    
  3. To educate health professionals and the public about health risks caused by blocked or inhibited absorption of nutrients in the GI tract in consumers of prescription and over-the-counter medications.
  4. To collect research data on medication consumption and nutritional adverse effects of prescription and over-the-counter FDA approved medications.
  5. To research and evaluate the use of alternative routes of administration of vitamin and mineral  supplements consumers of medications that inhibit or block the oral gastrointestinal absorption of vitamins and minerals.

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