Magnesium Deficiency

It is very common in patients, clients, customers, people are consuming a greater amount of calcium than magnesium.  Calcium supplements, prenatal vitamins and multivitamins usually have more calcium than magnesium .  Baby formulas contain more calcium than magnesium, enteral and parenteral nutrition formulas contains at least 3 to 5 times more calcium than magnesium.  Food processors add calcium in orange  juice and fruit juices drinks.

Right now there is a patient in Atlantis Rehabilitation & Residential Healthcare Facility who is totally rigid because her doctor refuses to supplement her with an equal amount of magnesium.   She was admitted to Brooklyn Hospital with an infection one month after she was in the emergency room with septicemia and low blood pressure which was corrected with 2000mg magnesium by intravenous slow infusion.

I tried to tell the doctor about an article entitled Metabolism of Magnesium in Health and Disease in the J Indian Med Assoc. 1997 Sep;95(9):507-10.(

Magnesium (Mg) is an intracellular cation. It is an essential element which catalyses more than 300 enzymatic reactions, in particular those involving ATP. Approximately half of the total Mg in the body is present intracellularly in soft tissues, and the other half is present in bone. Serum Mg determination represents only 1% of total body’s Mg concentration. Modern instruments will soon be available to determine physiologically active intracellular ionised Mg. Despite the ubiquitous nature of Mg, low serum Mg occurs either from decreased Hypo absorption or due to increased excretion. Magnesium deficiency may result in hypokalaemia and hypocalcaemia. Myocardial Mg depletion may result in influx of Na+ and Ca+2 into the mitochondria which may lead to myocardial cell death. Hence, low Mg concentration may be a factor for a wide variety of clinical conditions. J Indian Med Assoc. 1997 Sep;95(9):507-10.

There is more information about magnesium on the Home Page of Dr. Mildred Seelig, please see Dr. Seelig’s forty years of research on magnesium.   You can click on the links of her articles at

Since magnesium (Mg), an essential nutrient, is abundant in the environment and food supply, it is generally assumed that Mg deficiency is not a problem. However, the literature indicates that deficiencies may exist in both thirdworld and industrialized nations and may influence cardiac and vascular diseases, diabetes, bone deterioration, renal failure, hypothyroidism, and stress. Because Mg in certain forms is not easily absorbed and no classical symptoms exist, the problem of Mg deficiency is readily masked, especially in high risk groups such as diabetics, alcoholics, those taking hypertension medication, and some athletes. The current Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) for the US is 6 mg/Kg/day, which translates to 420 mg for a 70 Kg man. The estimated intake in the US is 300 mg/day. Studies show that as much as 3 times this amount may be needed by the general population and especially by those predisposed to cardiac disease states. This report summarizes recent research on Mg in human diets and the results of Mg deficiencies.(

The Home Page of Dr. Mildred Seelig is donated as a public service by Paul Mason. Dr. Seelig’s forty years of research established her as one of the world’s foremost magnesium researchers and reviewers. You can click more links at(

Do you need more Magnesium?  


13 thoughts on “Magnesium Deficiency

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  3. low oestrogen due to low fats .correct fats correct control improve adrenal function how long?dry hair low bp poor pituitary perfuasion extra cals for ovaries to get through ovulation ,,,,
    poor skin hair as above


  4. poor progesterone levels often show in skin as in post natal period ? dark patches around moles come and go with menstrual cycle
    perhaps low progesterone for i year
    is more acute than oestrogen?


  5. you need to watch the menstrual calender to work out, as symptoms generally fluctuate…. completely resolving no. .temperature rise might be hopeful to judge second half ovulation functional.
    diet appears crucial as in pros
    hormones must e highly sensitive and easily blocked by injudicious food choices
    long term problems carry risks to immune system organ functions


  6. recovery is slow marked by increasing flexibility and reduction in fatigue and sudden crashes i.e. bp, sleep
    lets hope for completes stability metabolically
    lets hope during menstrual cycle
    watch circulation head an feet vulnerable
    if timing of meals ?carb content inadequate.

    ?light muscle buying side effect more cortisol /testosterone?
    keep it early and light
    not nice,


  7. define these terms what is fatigue
    what is shorter sleep
    what defines poor organ response
    could high altitude walking help tinnitus
    what is a physical withdrawal from cortisol dependancy.
    or the worst eitology of adrenalcrah
    time and knowledge of symptoms will help but its slow


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