Vegan MD: Food for Cancer Rx


Eating #PlantBased food as a therapeutic method for managing #Cancer will be a topic presented at the #IAACN International & American Association of Clinical Nutritionists Symposium 2015!

COPP A LIFE CORP is pleased to sponsor the presentation of Dr Michael Greger MD! Get a taste of the type of info to be presented:

The list of foods and spices that have anticancer properties is long! Whole food plant based diets effect cancer by turning on these mechanisms: inhibit angiogenesis; intercept carcinogens; increase antioxidant activity; boost detoxifying enzymes; decrease inflammation; block DNA mutagenesis; minimize production of heterocyclic amines, IGF-1, Neu5GC autoantibodies and TOR; minimize exposure to fungal toxins, dioxins, drugs, arsenic, artificial colors, additives, metals, chemical pollutants, endocrine dysruptors, viruses, carcinogens, hormones.


The fiber in vegan and vegetarian diets eliminates and lowers cholesterol and excess estrogen.


Meat and dairy suppress melatonin production. WFPB diets minimize suppression of melatonin production. We want to make more melatonin to suppress cancer.


Dr Greger will entertain and give you tools to care for your patients, clients, customers, family members or yourself better.

Continuing Education credits available for health professionals:

Save the date: August 19-22, 2015


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