Simple Black Rice Noodle Salad

This is how to flavor #Vegan Rice Noodle Salad #Recipe You don’t need to saute in oil for flavor.

Harmony à la Carte

Black Rice Noodle Salad (DSC_0456)Life has felt a little bit busy lately.  I’ve been trying to post three recipes a week and I was having a good run until last week rolled around and I fell behind.

We went to Arezzo to visit hubby’s parents last weekend and spending the weekend away always throws me off during the week ahead.  I spent last week trying to catch up on errands and chores I would have normally done on the weekend, work was busier than usual and I ran into some technical difficulties, which means I didn’t even manage to get one blog post up, let alone three. 

Black Rice Noodle Salad (DSC_0453)I flashed this bowl on Instagram a couple of weeks ago. It was my quick homemade lunch one day and I managed to snap a couple of pictures on my camera. They weren’t intended for a post in that I was just “playing” with my camera, and…

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