Passover Time Schedule

For one week beginning this Friday until the end of Shabbos Saturday night April 30, 2016 every one keeps eight days of Passover this year cause the last day the day we want to welcome Moshiach is on Shabbos this year.

The main thing we change is from grains to root vegetables for our starch based foods.

Sephardic Jews are into eating rice lentils chickpea hummus all these foods are called kitniot in Hebrew. Ashkenazi Jews have the custom of being really stringent and not eating rice beans seeds kitniot or anything that looks like a grain. They become like the Paleo nutritionists who don’t eat grains or beans.

The Torah requires we refrain from eating the 5 grains wheat spelt oats barley rye and anything leavened ir processed longer than 18 minutes. Restricting other foods is acquired customs of people according to their family.

The Yom Tov days for diaspora Jews is Friday night April 22 is the first seder. Shabbos day go to a Passover Shabbos meal. Saturday night April 23 after Sundown is the time for the second seder until daybreak. Israeli Jews may begin the intermediate week days of Passover on Saturday night. The seventh day of Passover begins Thursday night at the beginning of sundown on Thursday April 28, 2016. On the seventh day G-d split the Red Sea for us! At dawn the Egyptians drowned and we collected all the jewels from their chariots.

This year all Jews keep eight days of Passover. At the beginning of sundown Friday afternoon April 29th the eight day of Passover commences. We wish to greet Moshiach and hear Torah lessons from Him on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem Israel this year not next year. We do want Moshiach now. We want to celebrate in the Holy Temple too. The place where it will be ok to eat the meat of the Passover lamb.

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