Get Ready Passover Starts Friday by Thurs night

Balanced Meals Recipes

It’s time to think about eating root vegetables for your starch 3 times a day for a week cause Passover starts on Friday.

Sell your chametz and year round utensils that you clean and store away free of charge via a Rabbi:

Finish eating leavened processed food by Fri morning. Eat beets, sweet potatoes and steamed broccoli on Fri eat foods that are not part of the Seder.

Friday afternoon we light candles before the beginning of sundown. When the sun is completely down we begin the Passover seder with Kiddish on grape juice or wine.

On Saturday night we wait til the sun is completely down to begin preparing for the second seder. Diaspora Jews conduct two seders two nights in a row. Israeli Jews are not required to make a second seder they begin chol hamoed the intermediate days of Passover on Saturday night when the sun…

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