Steps to Thyroid Success

To make your thyroid work, to make active thyroid hormone, there’s many steps.  Doctors don’t know all the steps to this whole routine.  Living really is a miracle.  To make thyroid stimulating hormone in the brain and to make thyroid hormone T4 in the thyroid and to send it to the body where it has to become active T3 and situate itself inside the receptor site requires many nutrients and these steps.

First you need protein from vegetables and beans, minerals magnesium and zinc, and VitaminB12 from topical patches a route of administration of Vitamin B12 that bypasses  hypochlorhydria in the GI tract,  to make TSH thyroid stimulating hormone in the brain.

Then you need iodine from seaweed; and VitaminC from citrus; Vitamin B2 from whole grains and nutritional yeast and leafy green vegetables. VitaminB2 is needed to make adrenal corticotropin and to make thyroid hormone in the thyroid gland.

For Iodine Dr Michael  Greger MD recommends (p 409 #HowNotToDie) including 2 sheets of plain Nori the seaweed used to make sushi or sprinkling a half teaspoon Arame or Dulse into your food daily to consume iodine.  He cautions against consuming hijiki also spelled hiziki because it has been found to be contaminated with arsenic.  Michael Greger’s recipe for nori crackers is to brush the plain nori sheets with jarred picked ginger juice and lightly sprinkle on wasabi powder bake in oven for five minutes at  300 degrees F.

The thyroid gland makes thyroxine thyroid hormone. To activate it, convert T4 into T3 an enzyme driven by selenium is required so eat Brazil Nuts.  Without selenium we make reverse T3.  We also need VitaminD ideally keep your blood level between  60-80. People with 14 or 20 something and 30 something need to supplement. Take VitaminD a fat soluble vitamin with nuts, seeds or when you eat a salad with apple cider vinegar and extra virgin olive oil or avocado and citrus to improve absorption of VitaminD.

For the receptor sites to be receptive to T3 we need to eat walnuts soaked chia seeds or ground flax seeds (p410 #HowNotToDie) every day for omega3.  The doorways of the receptors sites need to be receptive and if we eat meat and fish and eggs we get stiff and so do our thyroid hormone receptor doorways.  Eating ground flax seeds a phytonutrient precursor of lignans maximizes absorption of phytonutrients.   Prebiotic foods enable us to make good gut bacteria, to  detoxify and boost bioavailability of thyroid hormone.

Other factors that might interfere with thyroid function include fluoride in the drinking water; chlorine from the swimming pool; gut dysbiosis; endocrine disruptors, drinking from plastic water bottles and eating food made in teflon pots; mercury from eating fish or from having fillings or from getting vaccinated; aluminum inhalation from geoengineering; chemical food additives, toxins, emulsifiers.

Taking birth control pills is a big risk factor for hypothyroid; they elevate thyroid binding globulin and deplete Vitamin B6 a cofactor needed for GABa and serotonin production.  (P.115-118 #AMindOfYourOwn

The keeper of your mitochondria is your thyroid hormone.  Once thyroid hormone gets to peripheral cells the mitochondria are alerted that things are working* something feels better. Story for next time.








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