Eat good fats like fresh raw nuts and seeds, olives, and avocados with each meal and snack.  The skin of every cell in the body is made of fat; the covering of every cell in every vessel and organ in the body is made of fat.  What we eat becomes the substance of our body structures.

The best fat for baking is saturated coconut oil and palm oil, these oils are thick and make rich, creamy cakes and cookies;  they are natural fats that the body is able to metabolize assimilate and use, when consumed in limited amounts.


Do not heat the olive oil (or any oil.)  Don’t fry or saute in oil.  Saute can be accomplished in coconut or palm oil or in butter which is high in saturated fat and does not oxidize when heated as oil does.  Do not heat olive oil.  Heating oxidizes the oil, killing the benficial antioxidants like Vitamin E and Coenzyme Q10 and live digestive enzymes.  (If you choose to eat fried or sauteed, supplement with purified Omega 3 and digestive enzymes to protect the linings of your blood vessels and other body structures.)

Eat limited amounts of saturated fat, butter, cream cheese, sour cream.

Avoid Omega 6 vegetable oils (soybean, corn, canola oils.)  They are processed with chemicals.  Light oils have bleach added to lighten the color of the oil.  These oils cause hormonal imbalance and inflammation in various parts of the body (stomach and intestinal lining) causing GERD and irritable bowel syndrome; in joints causing arthritis, in blood vessl linings, in organs glands where one is susceptible.

Eliminate chemically altered hydrogenated oils, Trans fats, margarine, shortening;  these synthetic fats jam cell doorways causing:

  •  insulin resistance and higher than normal blood sugar, risks for diabetes 
  • stiff blood vessels resulting in high blood pressure.

Remove chicken skin before cooking preferably.  Limit egg yolks to one whole egg per day.  Limit steak or meat that is marbled with fat, or organ meat like liver to the size of your palm per meal; because this type of fat arachidonic acid causes constriction.


Supplement with Omega 3:


  • to counteract arachidonic acid fat from these sources: chicken skin, egg yolks, liver or fat marbled in meat;
  • to balanced saturated fats,
  • to reduce damage from hydrogenated fats.

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