Making Thyroid Hormone that Works is a 12 Step Program

12 Steps to to make active Thyroid hormone that works:

4 nutrients needed to make TSH Thyroid Stimulating Hormone made in pituitary gland in brain:

1) Plant Protein from vegetables and beans

2)Magnesium from green vegetables, potatoes, nuts and seeds

3) Zinc from nuts and seeds

4) Vitamin B12 from Sublingual lozenges or topical patches a route of administration of Vitamin B12 that bypasses low stomach acid hypochlorhydria in the GI tract.

4 molecules of iodine, Vit C and Vit B2 needed to bring thyroid hormone into the thyroid gland in the neck:

5) Iodine from seaweed

6) Vitamin C from citrus, hibiscus, greens, broccoli

7) Vitamin B2 from whole grains, nutritional yeast,
leafy green vegetables

(For Iodine Dr Michael Greger MD recommends (p 409 #HowNotToDie) including 2 sheets of plain Nori the seaweed used to make sushi or sprinkling a half teaspoon Arame or Dulse into your food daily to consume iodine.

He cautions against consuming hijiki also spelled hiziki because it has been found to be contaminated with arsenic.

Michael Greger’s recipe for nori crackers is to brush the plain nori sheets with jarred picked ginger juice and lightly sprinkle on wasabi powder bake in oven for five minutes at 300 degrees F.)

The thyroid gland makes thyroxine T4 thyroid hormone.

To activate Thyroxine T4 an enzyme driven by
8) Selenium is required so eat Brazil Nuts to convert T4 to make T3 triiodothyronine. Without Selenium we make Reverse T3 which blocks the thyroid receptor.

To activate T3 by making the peripheral receptor cites receive T3
we need
Vit D Vit A omega3

9) VitaminD a fat soluble vitamin with nuts, seeds or when you eat a salad with apple cider vinegar and avocado and citrus to improve absorption of VitaminD.

10) Vit A and cartenoids from orange vegetables cantalope, carrots, sweet potato, mango, acorn squash

For the receptor sites to be receptive to receive T3 we need
11) omega3 from ground flax seeds chia seeds or walnuts or green vegetable and nori to make the receptor doorways flexible

12) good microbiome bacteria and enzymes needed to convert T4 to active T3.
Eat prebiotic foods and probiotics fermented vegetables.


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